Disabilities are more common than many people realize 

Dec 30, 2022 | Firm News

People often think of disabilities as something that are quite uncommon. They certainly know that there are numerous people spending every day with disabilities, but they don’t consider it something that may happen to them at some point or that could impact someone that they love. It just seems far too uncommon for it to be that close to home.

But the truth is that disability is so common that some have said it really does impact everyone in the United States. For one thing, these reports note that 61 million adults live each day with some type of disability. That’s a total that’s greater than some countries’ populations, and it makes up more than a quarter of all people living in the U.S. As you can see, disabilities are quite common and they are something that could impact you and your family.

Why do they go overlooked?

There are a few different reasons why disabilities tend to feel less common than they really are. One of them is that people often think only of physical disabilities that are very clear as soon as you meet someone. They tend to forget how many people may be living with invisible disabilities.

For instance, if someone suffers a spinal cord injury and can no longer walk, it is very clear that this is something that they are living with each day. But if someone is dealing with PTSD, which certainly can also qualify as a disability, it may be completely invisible until they’re exposed to the right set of circumstances. Someone who meets them may not even know that they technically do have this disability.

It is very important for all who are living with a disability to know exactly what options they have.