How to describe your symptoms on your SSD claim

Aug 2, 2022 | Social Security Disability

You’ve worked hard your entire life and had intended to go on this way until you reached the age of retirement. Unfortunately, you’ve come down with an affliction that impacts your ability to carry out your job duties. 

Instances like this can be worrying both emotionally and in terms of finances. Fortunately, there are some programs out there that can help you. You may be eligible to claim Social Security Disability Benefits (SSD), which is a federal program aimed at helping those suffering from disabilities. 

One thing that you’ll need to keep in mind is to describe your symptoms accurately when you file your claim. That’s the best way to establish your credibility moving forward. With that in mind:

Don’t be tempted to exaggerate 

It’s no secret that SSD claims can be tricky, and a significant number of first applications are rejected. For this reason, people can fall into the trap of exaggerating their symptoms, to try and secure some financial aid. This is not advisable as if the government, your company or medical staff find out, not only could your claim be dismissed, but you may face extra penalties. 

Don’t understate your condition 

You may be so used to toughing things out and minimizing your symptoms around others that you forget the importance of explaining exactly how your conditions limit you when you’re applying for aid. Be very specific – and brutally clear about how your condition really affects your ability to function every day.

Qualifying for SSD benefits can make a huge difference during what is a difficult time. If your claim has been rejected, it’s important not to worry as you may have a right to appeal. Seeking legal guidance on the matter will help you to achieve a more favorable outcome.