Steps to take after an SSD claim denial

May 23, 2022 | Social Security Disability

Did you experience an injury or develop an illness that resulted in you being unable to work for 12 months? If so, you may be eligible to receive SSD (Social Security Disability) benefits.

Even though SSD benefits are designed to help injured or sick workers, being approved to receive them is complex. Your claim can be denied at any stage of your application process, and being denied isn’t unusual. If you receive a denial notification, you must file an appeal immediately.

Don’t wait to file an appeal

If your SSD benefits are denied, you will receive a denial letter from the SSA (Social Security Administration). Once you receive the notification, you have 60 days from the date on the letter. If you don’t file your appeal within 60 days, you will have to start the application process from the beginning.

Make sure your paperwork is filled out and filed properly

You must submit Form SSA-561 during an appeal and the Reconsideration Disability Report. These forms request that the SSA take a second look at your claim.

You will also have to file an Authorization to Disclose Information during your appeal.

Write your letter of appeal

Along with the forms above, you need to write an explanation justifying why you should receive SSD benefits. If this is the case, you can attach a letter of appeal to your forms.

Getting help with your appeal

The appeal process for your SSD claim can be challenging and frustrating at times. If you face a denial, it’s smart to get some help and guidance. Doing so will increase the likelihood that your claim will be successful and that you will get the SSD benefits you deserve for your injury or illness.