Do back problems qualify for Social Security Disability benefits?

Dec 6, 2021 | Social Security Disability

The modern lifestyle is part of the reason so many people suffer back problems. It involves actions your body is not built for, which end up damaging your back. These include sitting for hours at a desk or in a car, hunching over a phone screen, walking in high heels, or slouching on the couch.

Entire industries have sprung up to serve this. You can now spend money on anything from smart yoga pants to a visit to the chiropractor, all claiming to help you improve your posture and say goodbye to back pain.

If you have suffered from back pain for some time, you may have tried such things, and while they may help a little, they have not brought the relief you need. If that is the case, and your back pain prevents you from working, you might need to claim Social Security Disability (SSD).

Social Security Administration (SSA) workers who decide whether an injury or illness qualifies for SSD use the Blue Book to guide them. You will not find “back pain” listed as a qualifying condition, but that does not mean you should give up.

What you need to do is to put a name to what is causing your back pain. You can find some conditions under musculoskeletal disorders, others under neurological disorders. Yet, what if you cannot put a name to the problem, or you can, but the Blue Book does not list that condition?

Names are only part of the requirement

The SSA can award benefits for something not listed in the Blue Book. All claims come down to proving how your condition prevents you from working. Understanding the requirements and compiling the evidence to show you meet them are the basics of a successful SSD claim.