Why was your Social Security Disability claim denied?

Nov 4, 2021 | Social Security Disability

For many Americans injured and unable to work, disability benefits are their lifeline. Having your disability claim denied by the Social Security Administration may be heartbreaking, especially if you think you deserve the benefits. You are not alone. Statistics show that the majority of first-time claims get denied.

Below, we look at possible reasons that may have led to your denial.

Inadequate medical information

You need to support your claim with medical documentation. The evidence should point towards your instability to work, and it should be convincing enough. Inaccurate or insufficient medical records may lead to a denial of your claim. Likewise, your failure to adhere to your treatment plan may also cause your claim to be denied.

You continue to want more money

Disability benefits are not meant to compensate you for your injury. If you are gainfully employed or continue to earn money from other sources despite your condition, your claim may be denied.

Your disability is not regarded as permanent

If your disability to work is not considered severe or does not affect your ability to work, your claim may be denied. In addition, if your impairment resulted from drug addiction or alcoholism, it may cause a denial of your claim.

Your claim appears to be fraudulent

A fraudulent claim or one with errors or omissions will be flagged and is likely to be denied.

You may appeal a denial of your disability claim

If you think your claim is legitimate, you may appeal the denial. It is crucial to navigate the appeals process with an informed mindset to ensure a favorable outcome for you. You have a right to enjoy disability benefits if your condition meets the threshold, and if that is not the case, you need to take the right action to rectify that.