How often will your disability case be reviewed?

Nov 19, 2021 | Social Security Disability

People who apply for disability payments through the Social Security Administration are likely overjoyed when they receive their award notice. This means they’ll finally get the help they need. One thing that they need to pay close attention to is when they can expect their first continuing disability review. 

Everyone who’s receiving Social Security Disability Insurance payments will have a continuing disability review. This is a check-up on your case to ensure that you still meet the Social Security Administration’s requirements for disability payments. 

How often are continuing disability reviews conducted?

The frequency of the reviews is determined by the long-term prognosis associated with your case. There are three categories that cases fall into:

  • Medical improvement not expected: The reviews for cases in this category typically occur no sooner than every seven years.
  • Medical improvement possible: Reviews for this category will usually occur every three years.
  • Medical improvement expected: This category of cases receives a review every 6 to 18 months.

Reviews take a host of factors into account. The way the disability affects you, the treatments you’re receiving, and your medical records are some that apply. You may be asked to have an independent medical exam or go through more testing. 

When you’re filing for Social Security Disability benefits, it always pays to keep the future in mind. The more thorough your application and evidence, the more likely you’ll be moved into a category that requires fewer reviews. That can translate into less stress for you in the future and provide you and your family with more security.