How to appeal the denial of a Social Security Disability claim

Aug 25, 2021 | Social Security Disability

Every year that you have worked, you have likely paid into the Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) program. Your Social Security tax withholdings help fund disability coverage in case you get hurt or fall ill and retirement benefits.

When an injury or illness leaves you unable to do your job or in need of support just to live your daily life, applying for SSDI benefits can help you keep the bills paid. If your condition is severe and you have made enough contributions, you have the right to seek SSDI benefits.

Unfortunately, many qualified applicants don’t receive an approval when they apply. They have to fight for the benefits they need. How do you appeal denied SSDI benefits?

There are multiple different stages of appeal

The first thing you need to do to respond to a benefit denial is to determine the cause of the denial. If there are mistakes or oversights in your application, you may need to gather more documentation. If it was a decision based primarily on the analysis of a Social Security Administration employee, requesting a reconsideration could help.

Having someone review your application could lead to an approval. After reconsideration, you can ask for an administrative law judge to review your case. A hearing in front of an administrative law judge is an opportunity to present more documentation and even testimony for medical professionals that can build the case for your need for benefits.

Understanding how to appeal can help you connect with the SSDI benefits you deserve and require for financial stability.