Sacramento Elder Abuse / Neglect Defense Attorneys

Elder Abuse Defense Attorneys Serving Long Term Care Facilities in Northern California

The elder population has grown dramatically as life expectancies have increased and sophisticated lifesaving treatment is widely available. Elders are among the most vulnerable members of our society and are particularly susceptible to physical or financial mistreatment. Societal recognition of the problem of elder neglect and abuse has lead to increased statutory provisions designed to protect our elderly population. However, these provisions have dramatically increased the number of lawsuits filed against long term care facilities in California and have resulted in widespread negative publicity against long term care facilities and caregivers.

Our attorneys have more than 10 years of experience defending long term care facilities against claims of elder abuse/neglect. In evaluating hundreds of such claims, we have worked closely with management representatives to investigate and evaluate potential liability and exposure. This process necessarily involves meeting with numerous employees and caregivers to identify and prepare a strong defense and further operational objectives. We understand the disruptive effect that inflammatory and often unfounded allegations have on employee moral, and we are committed to developing the strongest defense possible under the particular circumstances. Our attorneys have prepared numerous successful dispositive motions in cases involving allegations of elder abuse/neglect.

Our trial attorneys have extensively worked with medical and nursing consultants to develop effective trial strategies and to prepare for cross-examination of opposing experts. We are committed to aggressively defending against claims of elder abuse and neglect and have demonstrated our unique qualifications in evaluating and managing these claims.

Low McKinley Baleria & Salenko, LLP has successfully tried long term care cases to verdict and has consistently achieved favorable results for the firm's long term care clients throughout Northern California.