Practice Areas

At the law firm of Low McKinley Baleria & Salenko, LLP, we provide comprehensive legal services that yield excellent results. Our areas of practice include:

Medical Malpractice Defense

The firm represents individual health care professionals and medical groups in defending malpractice claims. In every case, we work closely with medical consultants to evaluate the liability issues and possible defenses. We carefully analyze the pertinent records and diagnostic information to explore a potential causation defense. Our primary objective is to achieve the best possible outcome for the client and this may involve defending the case through trial as well as a possible appeal.

Hospital Liability Defense

Our attorneys have regularly represented acute care hospitals in Northern California for 10 years. We have an advanced understanding of hospital organizational structures, including Quality Improvement and Medical Staff Functions. We have successfully defended hospitals against claims of professional negligence and the corporate negligence doctrine.

Long Term Care Liability Defense

The attorneys in our firm have been aggressively defending various long term care facilities in Northern California against claims for elder abuse, neglect and negligence for over 10 years. Many of these cases have involved allegations of reckless neglect and punitive damages claims. We thoroughly investigate the allegations and retain highly qualified consultants to evaluate the liability aspects of these emotionally charged and often inflammatory cases. We are committed to achieving the best possible result and recommend institutional quality improvement measures when indicated.

Professional Licensing

Our attorneys provide comprehensive representation to various health care professionals when they are confronted with a professional licensing issue. Our attorneys are well known for providing a vigorous, thorough defense to doctors, nurses, physical therapists, chiropractors, pharmacists and other health care professionals in licensing actions, from investigatory stages through administrative trials and appeals.

Personal Injury Claims

Several of our attorneys represent plaintiffs in select personal injury cases, which do not involve allegations of medical malpractice. We have successfully represented the victims of motor vehicle accidents, slip and falls, intentional torts and wrongful termination.

Consultative Practice

We routinely consult with our clients concerning quality improvement measures, development of internal policies and procedures and risk reduction measures.